I-5 reopens after being closed down by protesters in downtown Seattle.

I-5 reopens after being closed down by protesters in downtown Seattle.

SEATTLE – All lanes of I-5 north in downtown Seattle were stopped for approximately an hour Friday afternoon due to a protest.

Images from the incident at the Olive Way exit show a number of automobiles with the Tigray flag on their hoods.

Video Source : fox7austin

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) reported that all lanes of I-5 north were closed near Lakeview.

On the road, a banner said, "Our families are being slaughtered! #Tigray genocide." 

I-5 reopens after being closed down by protesters in downtown Seattle.
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According to one demonstrator, the gang was prepared to go to jail as a result of the interstate blockade. Protesters stated that they were demonstrating two years after Ehtiopia's tragic battle began.

I-5 reopens after being closed down by protesters in downtown Seattle.
 Image Credit : FOX 13

Around 3:45 p.m., Washington State Patrol officers cleared the protestors from the scene.

Video Source : fox7austin

Ethiopia claims it received "100%" of the Tigray peace accord.

This comes just two days after the warring parties signed a "permanent stop of hostilities" in a conflict that is said to have killed hundreds of thousands of people.

At the signing on Wednesday, Tigray's senior negotiator described it as including "painful compromises."

One of the pact's aims is to quickly disarm Tigrayan forces and take away their "light weapons" within 30 days. Senior commanders from both sides are scheduled to meet in five days.

According to the agreement, Ethiopian security forces would take complete control of "all federal facilities, installations, and significant infrastructure... within the Tigray area," and an interim regional administration will be constituted following talks between the parties. The Tigray People's Liberation Front's terrorist label will be revoked.

If executed, the accord should bring an end to Africa's second-most populated country's catastrophic conflict. Millions of people have been displaced, with many facing hunger as a result of the Tigray region's blockade of over 5 million people. Abuse has been documented from all angles.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that during the peace talks, his government received what it requested.

"During the negotiations in South Africa, Ethiopia's peace plan was approved 100%," Abiy said, adding that the government is ready to "open our hearts" for peace to triumph. He went on to say that the most challenging issue, disputed territories, will be handled only via the rule of law and discussions.

Questions were not answered by either the Ethiopian government or Tigray negotiators.

As part of the comprehensive agreement, both parties agreed not to make any unilateral statements that may jeopardize it. The agreement also demands for an immediate "stop and desist from all types of antagonistic propaganda, rhetoric, and hate speech." The battle has been distinguished by rhetoric that U.S. special envoy Mike Hammer, who assisted with the peace talks, has called as "very poisonous."

"This battle has had a tremendous human cost. I implore all Ethiopians to grab this window of opportunity for peace "According to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, this is one of several letters from observers expressing cautious optimism.

Massive problems lay ahead. The government of neighboring Eritrea, whose soldiers have battled with Ethiopian forces, has remained silent, and it was unclear whether Eritrean forces had begun to retreat. According to the agreement, Ethiopian military would be stationed around the borders to "guarantee that no provocation or invasion from either side of the boundary occurs."

Trust, according to Mustafa Yusuf Ali, an expert with the Horn International Institute for Strategic Studies, will be critical. The deal "must be planned, methodical, and above all, sequenced so that the Tigrayans are not left to their own devices after turning in all their weapons, just to be assaulted by the center," he warned.

The deal specifies disarmament timelines but not much more, save that Ethiopia's government will "expedite the distribution of humanitarian aid" and "expedite and manage the restoration of key services in the Tigray area within stipulated time periods."

The United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross said they had not yet begun humanitarian relief deliveries to Tigray, whose communication, transportation, and financial linkages have been substantially disrupted since the violence began. Some essential medications have ran out.

"It's hardly unexpected that getting the news out to the relevant authorities in the field may take some time. We are in contact with them and are working to obtain unrestricted access as quickly as possible "Stephane Dujarric, the secretary-spokesperson, general's told reporters.

A humanitarian worker in Shire, Tigray's second-largest town, claimed there had been no shooting in recent days, but people and cars were still unable to move freely. Another humanitarian worker said that Axum was likewise silent. For fear of reprisal, both spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Residents of Mekele, the provincial capital of Tigray, awaited the following moves with bated breath.

When asked about the peace treaty, resident Gidey Tsadik responded, "It's OK. Everyone is content. However, it is unknown when we will achieve that peace."

Residents have yet to hear when essential services will be restored, according to Tedros Hiwot. "It has to happen soon," he remarked.

Outside the region, Tigrayans reported they couldn't reach their family via phone. "I'm hoping this will be a chance to reunite with my family," said Andom Gebreyesus, who lives in Kenya. "I miss them and have no idea if they are still alive."

At a memorial service for troops slain in the fighting in Addis Abeba, Defense Minister Abraham Belay talked of "the very complicated and difficult rehabilitation effort that lies before of us."

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