Three people were killed when a small plane crashed into their Minnesota house.

According to a local official, two inhabitants of the Hermantown, Minnesota residence survived and were not hurt, as the jet "very barely" missed them.

Three people were killed when a small plane crashed into their Minnesota house.
A Cessna 172 airplane in Duluth, Minnesota, crashed into a home's second floor, killing all three of its occupants. Hermantown, Minnesota. 

A tiny plane crashed into a Minnesota home at midnight on Sunday morning, killing all three people on board and just avoiding two unharmed inhabitants of the residence, according to a local official.

According to the city, the Cessna 172 aircraft smashed through the second story of the residence in Hermantown, a community about 16 miles west of Duluth, before landing in the backyard.

According to local information, the three passengers, who have not yet been officially recognized but include a lady from St. Paul and two males from the city of Burnsville, were all in their early 30s.

The two tenants of the house, who, according to Hermantown's communications director Joe Wicklund, were on the second floor when the incident occurred, were "just barely" avoided by the jet, Wicklund told NBC News.

Video Source : nbcnews

A hole in the front of the roof, debris on the grass surrounding the house, and what seems to be at least half of the back of the house damaged can all be seen on video taken at the scene.

According to information released by the town, authorities manning the control tower at Duluth International Airport informed the Hermantown Police Department just before midnight on Saturday that they thought a small plane had crashed after it left their radar when it was between a mile and a mile and a half south of the airport. When police and fire department representatives arrived on the scene, they discovered the damage.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, the homeowners, Jason and Crystal Hoffman, resided there for seven years after moving from Worthington, Minnesota, a community on the Iowa border.

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