Intruder looked for the US Speaker in attack on husband, according to Nancy Pelosi

According to accounts, an intruder who attacked the spouse of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi was looking for the Democratic politician.

According to accounts, an intruder who attacked the spouse of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi was looking for the Democratic politician.
Nancy Pelosi is the second in line to the presidency and one of the most prominent politicians in the United States. Getty Images

Paul Pelosi, 82, was transported to the hospital on Friday morning following a break-in at their California home.

The culprit, a 42-year-old male, has been identified and is facing criminal charges, including attempted homicide.

He allegedly shattered a glass back door and yelled, "Where is Nancy?" after confronting Mr. Pelosi.

Mrs. Pelosi was in Washington, not in San Francisco, at the time of the event.

According to a spokeswoman for the top Democrat, Mr. Pelosi "was accosted at home by an attacker who behaved with force and threatened his life while demanding to see the Speaker."

He was admitted to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, "where he underwent successful surgery to treat a skull fracture and major damage to his right arm and hands," according to the spokesperson, who added that his physicians anticipate him to recover fully.

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San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said during a press conference on Friday that police responded to a report at approximately 02:27 local time (09:27 GMT) in the city's upscale Pacific Heights neighborhood.

They discovered Mr. Pelosi and the suspect, identified by authorities as David DePape, fighting over a hammer, which was taken from Mr. Pelosi's grasp by the suspect, who viciously beat him with it.

Officers then tackled and disarmed the subject. According to law enforcement authorities, he sought to restrain Mr. Pelosi "until Nancy arrived home."

Mr Scott said he was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, burglary, and numerous other offenses, and that the motivation for the incident was yet unknown.

Mrs. Pelosi is one of the country's most influential lawmakers. She was re-elected Speaker of the House of Representatives for a fourth term in 2021, putting her second in line to the president behind Vice President Kamala Harris.

Since 1987, she has represented the San Francisco region in Congress, dividing her time between California and Washington.

She was in Washington with her security detail at the time of the incident, and she is presently fundraising and campaigning with Democrats around the country ahead of the midterm elections on November 8th.

Mrs. Pelosi was scheduled to arrive at the hospital later Friday, according to a source in San Francisco for CBS News.

Her spouse, a multimillionaire venture capital company founder, lives largely in San Francisco, where he was born and reared.

The pair has five children and has been married since 1963. Their total net worth, mostly from Mr Pelosi's assets, has made the speaker one of Congress's wealthiest members.

The FBI and the US Capitol Police, which has a field office in California, are aiding the San Francisco Police Department with their investigation.

Following the incident, the US Capitol Police, which is entrusted with protecting congressional leaders, is believed to be exploring extra safeguards for families.

Since the January 2021 riot in the US Capitol, members of Congress have been on high alert for security concerns. During the incident, supporters of then-President Donald Trump trashed Mrs. Pelosi's office in the building.

Her San Francisco house was reportedly vandalized last year with graffiti reading "cancel rent" and "we want everything." Protesters dumped a pig's head on her driveway.

Senior Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have recently been vandalized, and lawmakers have expressed alarm about an upsurge in threats.

Mr. McConnell described the attack on Mrs. Pelosi as "horrifying and disgusting."

In 2021, Capitol Police examined around 9,600 threats to members of Congress. Several high-profile assaults on legislators have occurred in recent years, including the killings of Republican Steve Scalise at a baseball practice in 2017 and Democrat Gabrielle Giffords at a campaign event in 2011.

The White House announced in a statement that President Joe Biden was "praying for Paul Pelosi and Speaker Pelosi's whole family."

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stated: "What happened to Paul Pelosi was a heinous crime. I wish him a quick recovery."

Both stated that they had talked with Mrs. Pelosi following the event.

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