As Putin indicates an end to the unpopular mobilization effort the U.S;

As Putin indicates an end to the unpopular mobilization effort, the U.S. will provide Ukraine additional weaponry.

As Putin indicates an end to the unpopular mobilization effort, the U.S. will provide Ukraine additional weaponry.
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"The US has provided extraordinary security support to Ukraine and will continue to collaborate with friends and partners," the Pentagon said in a statement.

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Missiles, rockets, and anti-tank weaponry will be included in a new security support package for Ukraine, according to the Defense Department, only hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the end of his controversial mobilization push.

The Pentagon stated in a statement that the package, valued at up to $725 million, will include more ammo for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), 5,000 anti-tank missiles, vehicles, and artillery rounds.

"The United States has provided Ukraine with extraordinary security assistance and will continue to work with friends and partners to ensure Ukraine gets the support it requires," the statement stated.

The United States has provided nearly $17.6 billion in security support "from the outset of Russia's unjustified and barbaric invasion on February 24," according to the statement.

The Pentagon made the declaration after Putin hinted that his contentious military mobilization campaign was nearing to a conclusion.

"This effort is coming to a conclusion," he told media Friday following a summit in Kazakhstan's capital, Astana, attended by regional leaders.

He said that 222,000 of the planned 300,000 reservists had already been conscripted, indicating that the mobilization effort will be completed in two weeks.

The order, the first mobilization of reservists in Russia since World War II, sparked nationwide demonstrations, with hundreds fleeing to neighboring countries such as Georgia, Belarus, and Armenia to evade the call-up.

Others have traveled to South Korea, while two Russian nationals who arrived by boat last week requested refuge in Alaska.

Ethnic minorities and rural populations have claimed that they are conscripted at a greater rate than ethnic Russians and city inhabitants.

Putin also stated that Russia has no intentions "for the time being" to carry out further big air attacks like the ones carried out this week, in which more than 100 long-range missiles were launched at sites across Ukraine. Missiles ripped through rush-hour traffic and into energy plants from Lviv in the west to Kharkiv in the northeast.

Putin attempted to portray the strikes as retaliation for the bomb that destroyed his showpiece bridge connecting Russia to the occupied Crimean Peninsula.

The strikes, a dramatic escalation that demonstrated Moscow's ability to frighten Ukraine's civilian population, came after a series of humiliating combat failures that have piled pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Smaller-scale strikes, meanwhile, were conducted late Friday, according to Ukrainian officials.

Video Source : nbcnews

According to Oleksandr Starukh, the commander of the Zaporizhzhia Military Administration, Russian forces fired 10 missiles at the regional center Saturday morning, damaging energy and industrial infrastructure installations.

His statement came after four Russian drones damaged structures and ignited flames in the area late Friday.

Zaporizhzhia is home to Europe's largest nuclear power station, which is now in Russian military control and is often attacked.

Both parties have blamed each other for the attack on the facility.

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