U.S. tourist killed in shark attack in the Bahamas

U.S. tourist killed in shark attack in the Bahamas

According to investigators, the 58-year-old Pennsylvania woman was swimming with her family when a bull shark struck. 

On Tuesday, an American tourist was attacked and killed by a shark in the Bahamas.

The woman, whose identity was not revealed, was snorkeling with a group of five to seven relatives when she was attacked by a bull shark soon after 2 p.m. on Green Cay, according to Royal Bahamas Police Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings.

The location is roughly a half mile northwest of Rose Island, a private island off the coast of Nassau.

U.S. tourist killed in shark attack in the Bahamas
Green Turtle Cay is located in Abaco, Bahamas.

Skippings claimed the woman, who was 58 years old, had no vital signs following the attack.

Skippings claimed she landed in the Bahamas on a cruise liner Tuesday morning. Her party was taken snorkeling off Rose Island by a private tour boat.

The incident was seen by family members. They dragged her from the ocean and transported her by boat to Fort Montagu on Nassau, according to Skippings.

The area was blocked off and snorkelers were barred from entering permanently.

"It's simply a bad circumstance," Skippings remarked.

The latest known shark attack in the Bahamas occurred in 2018, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida. According to the report, bull sharks are among the most prevalent unprovoked attacks on people.

The museum describes them as "big, capable of causing major damage, usually found in regions where humans join the water, and with teeth intended to tear rather than retain."

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