Ukraine liberates additional cities and urges Russian forces to continue surrendering

Ukraine liberates additional cities and urges Russian forces to continue surrendering

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The Ukrainian military claimed Tuesday to have shot down an Iranian-built Russian drone as Kiev's counteroffensive continued to push back the attackers from towns in the northeast occupied since the first weeks of the war.

The Ukrainian military released images of drone wreckage found near Kupiansk in Kharkiv province, where Ukrainian troops have advanced on the strategically important town of Izyum in recent days.

In Moscow, the Russian Defense Ministry sought to contain the rising unrest over the progress of the war, saying attack helicopter squadrons were flying more than five sorties a day to disrupt the counteroffensive near Izyum. Russian forces also shelled the center of Kharkiv and cut off electricity and water in some areas of the city, according to Mayor Ihor Terekhov.

According to a telegram post by Ukrainian Presidential Advisor Kyrylo Tymoshenko, power supply in Kharkiv region was fully restored on Tuesday evening.

Russia has withdrawn numerous troops from the province, but claims this is a planned redeployment to bolster efforts on the southern Donetsk front.

"The enemy is demoralized and looking for ways to leave the occupied areas," the Ukrainian Operations Command South said. "But the occupiers still have a lot of strength and power."

Ukraine liberates additional cities and urges Russian forces to continue surrendering
This undated photo released by the Ukrainian military's Strategic Communications Directorate shows the wreckage of an Iranian Shahed drone that was reportedly shot down near Kupiansk, Ukraine. The Ukrainian military claimed for the first time on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, that it had encountered a suicide drone supplied by Iran and deployed by Russia on the battlefield. AP

Recent developments include:

According to Ivan Fedorov, the city's mayor prior to the takeover, Russian forces departed not only the Kharkiv region but also Melitopol in the south and marched toward Crimea, which Moscow seized.

Dmitry Palyuga, a member of the St. Petersburg district council who last week called for Russian President Vladimir Putin's resignation and was charged with treason over the Ukraine conflict, claimed he was fined 47,000 rubles ($780) for "discrediting" the authorities, according to Reuters. According to the news agency, 18 municipal lawmakers signed a petition demanding for Putin's resignation on Monday, and the number has since more than quadrupled.

The U.N. 129 loaded ships carrying more than 2.8 million tons of Ukrainian grain have departed the Black Sea since a deal to break a Russian embargo was agreed on July 22, but fertilizer shipments from Russia are still low despite being included by the pact.

Russia has spent more than $300 million since 2014 to attempt to influence lawmakers and other authorities in more than two dozen nations, according to a cable published Tuesday by the State Department.

'You don't need this conflict,' Ukraine tells Russian soldiers. Surrender'

As freshly liberated Ukrainians celebrate the Russian departure and inspect the burnt tanks left behind, Ukrainian officials seek to persuade more of the invading forces to surrender.

Despite unsubstantiated claims that a large number of Russian soldiers had surrendered, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar stated the government is releasing shells with flyers to encourage more of them to lay down their guns.

The posters said, "Russians utilize you as cannon fodder." "Your life is meaningless to them; you don't need this fight; surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

The US is not'spiking the ball' over Ukraine's accomplishments.

Ukraine's recent achievements on the battlefield are worthy of praise. Is victory declared? That would be premature, according to onlookers and US officials.

The Biden administration has refrained from publicly congratulating Ukraine on its recent astonishing victories, notably in the northeast, which President Volodymyr Zelenskyy claims have resulted in the recapture of up to 2,300 square kilometers of land.

The sight of Russian forces fleeing has Ukrainians applauding, but National Security Council spokesman John Kirby refused to declare it a turning point in a battle that has lasted more than 200 days, highlighting the unpredictability of war.

Russia, according to Kirby, has issues with leadership, logistics, and unit cohesiveness, but it still has a vast and powerful military with lots of power—including nuclear weapons.

"They certainly have a military capable of causing significant harm," he added.

Russian forces also dominate huge areas of the east and south, notably the industrial Donbas region, where they rule one of the two provinces and a portion of the other.

"I believe that there should be no ball spiking since Russia still has cards to play," said Philip Breedlove, a retired U.S. General of the Air Force who served as NATO's top commander from 2013 until 2016. "Ukraine is definitely making long-term improvements in its east and north, and I believe that if the West properly equips Ukraine, they will be able to maintain their achievements."

Putin aide: War criticism is permissible, but the border is'very, very thin.'

When questioned about domestic criticism of the war effort, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov acknowledged it was legal, but with limitations. Peskov noted the negative comments as an example of "pluralism," adding that Russians in general continue to strongly support President Vladimir Putin. The Defense Ministry has taken a battering on Russian social media, and even among certain Russian TV pundits, for what have been perceived as quick, clumsy withdrawals in some situations.

"As for alternative points of view, critical points of view, as long as they stay within the law, this is pluralism," Peskov added, "but the line is very, very thin." "One must exercise extreme caution here."

He stated that plans still call for the conflict to be waged until the objectives are met. He stated that there are no plans to significantly raise military strength through a draft.

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