Three people were shot in front of a ride at Kennywood, including two adolescents.

According to authorities, a shooter was on the run Sunday after killing three people, including two adolescents, and causing panic at a busy amusement park near Pittsburgh.

Gunfire reportedly broke out at the Kennywood amusement park in the Pittsburgh suburb of West Mifflin around 10:46 p.m. on Saturday, according to the authorities.

Witnesses said that the shooting occurred in front of the popular Musik Express ride at the park, sending guests running for shelter. Numerous people were harmed as they were crushed while rushing to exit the area, according to the police.

Three people were shot in front of a ride at Kennywood, including two adolescents.
Early September 25, 2022, law enforcement police and an EMS team respond to a gunshot at Kennywood Park, an amusement park in West Mifflin, Pa.Mike Valente/WTAE

According to Allegheny County Police Superintendent Christopher Kearns, an incident erupted, and the accused attacker produced a firearm and began firing.

According to a statement provided by park management, West Mifflin and Allegheny County police officers were in the park at the time of the shooting and responded swiftly, along with park security, to the gunshots.

Officers discovered two persons injured at the site, according to Kearns. He stated that both a 15-year-old youngster and a 39-year-old guy were shot in the leg. According to Kearns, the youngster was sent to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh in stable condition, while the adult victim was treated and released from Mercy Hospital.

Another victim, a 15-year-old kid, also left the park on his own before showing up at a hospital to receive treatment for a leg graze, according to Kearns.

Witnesses described the alleged shooter as looking like a young man dressed in a dark hooded sweatshirt and a COVID-style mask.

Police said that a firearm was found at the site.

Police are looking into how the firearm entered the park. According to the website for the park, all Kennywood personnel and visitors must go through metal detectors at the entrance gate, and all bags and coolers must be inspected.

According to the park's website, the incident occurred on the first day of the park's 20th annual Phantom Fall Fest, a family-friendly Halloween season event.

The shooting started around 14 minutes before the park was scheduled to close for the night.

Three people were shot in front of a ride at Kennywood, including two adolescents.
Early September 25, 2022, a Kennywood Park security guard stands at the main gate to the amusement park in West Mifflin, Pa. Gene J. Puskar/AP

"Almost everyone fled. At one point, a hundred individuals simply bolted out of the park."

According to Kennywood management, the amusement park was promptly closed down following the incident, and all visitors were evacuated. According to the park's website, the park will reopen on September 30.

"The safety of our visitors and staff members is our number one priority," the park said in a statement.

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