Russia, Ukraine, NATO European Union Economic Sanctions

Russia, Ukraine, NATO European Union Economic Sanctions

Russia, Ukraine, NATO European Union Economic Sanctions
Russian President Vladimir Putin with US President Joe Biden. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photos: Alexey Nikolsky/ Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images, Andrew Harnik/AP)

The Russian Ukraine War has shook the whole globe, according to Moscow on April 13. Many things will alter as a result of this. The conflict has been going on for seven weeks. Various assertions appear to be failing. There were many assertions and worries that a horrific world war would break out, Russia would annihilate Ukraine, and the Russian economy would collapse. However, nothing occurred. The battle continues, as does the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. 

However, it is now evident that the world order will not be the same as it was previously. What will happen under this new system, and will America (USA) be able to show itself in the world as it has done in the past? There are several questions that must be addressed.

In the previous month and a half, Russian President Vladimir Putin has escalated the danger of nuclear war four times in the last 48 days. For 48 days, the world has been on the verge of war. Europe has generated an environment of insecurity. The credibility of the United States and its NATO alliance is deteriorating. It is impossible to predict when a NATO split will occur. America is facing its most significant threat since the fall of the Soviet Union.

In contrast to the previous system

The attack on Ukraine has fueled the ambitions of those who advocate for a new international order, most notably Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to, the leaders that advocated for this arrangement wanted to see the end of American hegemony. They wish to reject the notion that the world is bound by international law and shared ideals established by institutions such as the United Nations.

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The aspiration to establish a new world order

In some ways, they feel that the globe will no longer be ruled by norms and organizations that hear and act on America's behalf. These people desire a new global order characterized by competing and more authoritarian civilizations, with each country occupying its own geopolitical place. When Putin claims that Russia is more than a country, he is referring to a distinct civilisation.

It is unknown what the outcome will be or when it will occur.

The West is deeply concerned about Putin's success. It is likewise difficult to anticipate what would happen if Putin wins this conflict. Will a bipolar world return to the post-World War II era? However, everyone believes that the result of this battle will take months or years.

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How long can Russia survive?

As soon as the conflict began, numerous nations throughout the world, led by the United States, put economic sanctions on Russia, claiming that Russia would not be able to survive for even a week, much alone 10 days. Nobody is talking about when sanctions will be able to compel Russia to submit. However, the sanctions are expected to cost Russia's economy 8% of its yearly GDP.

The situation in Europe remains ambiguous.

Germany has opted to violate the two percent GDP bond placed on defense spending. Many analysts believe that Putin brought the West and NATO together by starting a conflict. However, the situation in Europe is tense, with Germany and a few other nations awaiting the end of their reliance on Russia. Putin's popularity has grown even in Russia. While some nations supported them, others, such as India and China, remained neutral.

OPEC members are also attempting to work with Russia and are refusing to yield to US pressure. Of course, the globe appears to be divided at this juncture, with America wanting to see every country with us except Russia. However, many countries desire to be free of US control and may side with Russia when the time comes. Whatever happens, the world order will not be the same; only time will tell.

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