POST MALONE TAKES TERRIBLE FALL ONSTAGE...Medics assist him, as fans are perplexed.


Post Malone suffered a severe fall onstage... it was so awful that doctors had to take him off, and spectators weren't sure whether to stay or go.

It happened midway through his performance of "Circles" at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis on Saturday night.

Post was strutting his thing as he walked down a ramp that extended into the arena floor. It would've been alright if there hadn't been a hole in the floor where he lowered his guitar that hadn't been covered up.

He walked in it, suffered a terrible fall, and ended himself splayed out on the performance floor. According to an eyewitness, one of his legs was trembling violently. Medics rushed in and surrounded him as he exited the stage.

He urged followers to allow him a few minutes to gather himself, but everyone was plainly apprehensive, with some doubting he'd ever return. 

Post reappeared 15 minutes later, performing "Rockstar" and "Cooped Up." Post was a rockstar because he was willing to continue even though he was plainly in pain... holding his ribs while he sang.

Post praised the audience for sticking with him and informed them that there was a "big-ass hole in the stage," however he did not apologize. He finished the concert and even lingered afterwards to sign autographs.

There's no news on his condition... but he's set to resume his "Twelve Carat Tour" in Columbus on Sunday. 

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