Pedro Castillo flew to the United States for the United Nations General Assembly with Lilia Paredes.

Pedro Castillo flew to the United States for the United Nations General Assembly with Lilia Paredes.

Peruvian President Peter Castle went to New York with his wife Lilia ParadesOne America in Air Group No. 8 of the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) to attend the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) on September 19 and 21.

In addition to the First Lady, the head of state is accompanied by a ministerial entourage. Robert Sanchez (Foreign Trade and Tourism), Caesar Landa (External Relations), Kurt Bernio (Economy and Finance), and Rosando Serna (Economy and Finance) (education).

Castle, Peter The Summit on Education Transformation will be inaugurated on Monday, September 19. On Tuesday, September 20, he will make a speech at the start of the General Assembly's General Debate. Him,

Pedro Castillo flew to the United States for the United Nations General Assembly with Lilia Paredes.
Pedro Castillo will attend the UN General Assembly. Photo: Flickr Presidency

Boluart's Vice President The President will remain in control of the office until his return today. America While Alexander Salasso, the Labor Minister, will be in control of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS), which is also owned by a lawyer. Politics emerged today on the changing of the guard at the Government Palace with Premier Hannibal Torres.

This Sunday, the resolution Peter Castle One America, which was made official by a Peruvian individual, was published, and it was authorized and signed by the President of Congress, Jose Williams, and the first vice president, Martha Moyano.

Travels with Peru's first official Parades of Lilias When the weight of the first lady is now requested to cease departing Peru for 36 months. The hearing was postponed until September 5, and no date has been set for its resumption. According to the president's counsel, the wife of the head of state was debating whether to hand up her passport to the prosecutor's office.

Pedro Castillo's travel to the United States was authorized by Congress. (Congress of Televisions)

"There is no court injunction barring the First Lady from leaving the country." Let us be accountable for information dissemination," the lawyer remarked on Twitter.

The Special Team of Prosecutors Against Corruption, which this weekend confiscated evidence from surveillance cameras at the Government Palace. Jenny Paredes The First Lady is said to be the coordinator of a criminal group that unlawfully distributes public works from a government facility.

One America Travel Peter Castle It occurs in the midst of Genr Alvarado's resignation as Minister of Transport and Communications, following his conviction by the Congress of the Republic for allegedly running a criminal organization while heading the Ministry of Housing.

The president met with the incoming Speaker of the House, Jose Williams, to address a number of problems, including the possibility of a presidential vacancy. Although Labor Minister Alejandro Salas claimed that Avanza Pas legislators do not have the aforementioned problem or the goal of dealing with a potential advance of elections on their agenda, congressmen have always voted in support of the departure of the head of state. On both times when the hemicycle vacancy was considered.

The villages of Loreto, on the other hand, are requesting the presence of Peru's President due to an oil leak over 42 kilometers of Section I. norperuano pipeline under Petropero's supervision. They want those responsible apprehended, especially because they may be running low on water and food.

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