Nikki Haley responds to Sunny Hostin of The View by stating that her name is Indian...

Nikki Haley responds to Sunny Hostin of The View by stating that her name is Indian and that she "embraces her Indian heritage."

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In an interview on Wednesday, former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley reacted to co-host of "The View" Sunny Hostin's criticism. Hostin criticized Haley for using the name "Nikki" rather than her entire birth name, calling her a "chameleon" who does not "embrace" her ethnicity. Haley's middle name is Nikki. The lesson, according to Haley, is that Democrats are the racists, and "all hell would have broken out" if this were stated about a Democrat.

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"This is not the first time that the hosts of "The View" have attacked me, nor will it be the final time that liberals have done so. They find it intolerable that a woman of color would vote Republican, "added Haley.

"You look at what Sunny Hostin's doing and, you know, the concept that, no, Sunny isn't her name, Nikki is my name," Haley said to FOX News presenter Harris Faulkner. "It's written on my birth certificate. It's an Indian name. And I'm proud of my Indian background. I've authored two novels on my family's challenges and growing up."

"You're not going to see her dismissed from that program because they can do this," Haley stated. "That program isn't even going to apologize, since they allow leftists say things like that about conservative Republican minority all the time. Nonetheless, nothing is done. If this had been stated about a Democrat, chaos would have ensued."

"What I hope Democrats realize when they look at what occurred on 'The View,' you know, is that Democrats are racists," she continued. "Racism is practiced by these liberal zealots. They're the ones who won't — who believe minorities are incapable of going to the DMV to obtain an I.D. in order to vote. They are the bigots who claim that minority parents cannot locate a school for their children. 

Let us remind Independents and conservative Democrats that Republicans are not racists or sexists. Liberal Democrats have been doing this for a long time, and I hope it is at the center of what happens in the House, Senate, and governors' contests in November."

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