Iran protests: US will reduce internet restrictions for Iranians

Iran protests: US will reduce internet restrictions for Iranians

The US says it would reduce internet restrictions on Iran in response to Tehran's crackdown on protests triggered by the murder of a woman in police custody.

Iran protests: US will reduce internet restrictions for Iranians
The death of a lady in police custody has provoked widespread outrage. (Getty Images)

"We will work to ensure that the Iranian people are not isolated and in the dark," stated US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

The loosening of software constraints will allow American technology companies to expand their operations in Iran.

At least 35 people have been murdered in Iran's worst unrest in years.

Mahsa Amini, 22, was placed in a coma last week after morality officers detained her for allegedly violating headscarf restrictions.

Officers allegedly used a baton to strike Ms Amini's head and bashed her head on one of their trucks. The police have stated that there is no proof of maltreatment and that she died of "sudden heart failure."

Protests against the government continued for the eighth night in a row on Friday, while pro-regime demonstrations took place in Tehran and other towns.

According to Mr. Blinken, the partial lifting of internet restrictions is a "concrete step toward providing genuine assistance to Iranians asking that their basic rights be honored." He went on to say that the Iranian regime was clearly "afraid of its own people."

What is the situation with Iran and the internet?

The measure, according to the US Treasury, would assist resist the Iranian government's endeavor to "surveil and censor" its people.

However, because it "does not abolish every weapon of communications suppression," it is unlikely to have an immediate impact.

In reaction to Mr Blinken's decision, billionaire Elon Musk said on Twitter that he will activate his satellite internet corporation, Starlink, to deliver internet services to Iran.

Starlink delivers internet services using a vast network of satellites and is aimed at those who live in distant places where high-speed internet is unavailable.

US authorities stated that the amended license did not cover hardware supplied by Mr Musk, but that his company and others were welcome to apply to the treasury for authorization.

Footage published on social media on Friday showed massive numbers of demonstrators gathered after dark in numerous Tehran neighborhoods, while additional occurrences happened around the nation. Women have courageously removed their hijabs and torched them in front of applauding audiences during the protests that have gripped huge portions of the country.

Pro-regime protests took place in Tehran and other towns on Friday, with many present professing their support for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has been a target of anti-government protestors.

President Ebrahim Raisi stated during a pro-government rally that the country's security will not be "challenged."

"Under no circumstances will we allow people's security to be jeopardized," he declared shortly after returning from the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Mr Raisi, who stressed that Iran's "adversaries" planned to exploit the upheaval, said the administration would listen to complaints about Ms Amini's murder but would not be swayed by "rioting."

Video Source : BBC
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