'Illusions of Grandeur,' by Ezra Miller Considers Themself 'Jesus' or 'The Devil,' According to New Allegations

'Illusions of Grandeur,' by Ezra Miller Considers Themself 'Jesus' or 'The Devil,' According to New Allegations

According to one insider, "Every encounter with Ezra is an altercation."

'Illusions of Grandeur,' by Ezra Miller Considers Themself 'Jesus' or 'The Devil,' According to New Allegations
Ezra Miller (Getty Images)

A recent Vanity Fair feature on actor Ezra Miller, who is presently seeking therapy for "complex mental health difficulties," presents a picture of a guy who is not only violent, manipulative, and abusive, but also has "illusions of grandeur," according to his ex-fiancée.

Miller has had several run-ins with the authorities in the previous two years, including claims of repeated assaults, felony larceny, and child endangerment. Despite the fact that two restraining orders have been granted in two states, Miller remains free, and Warner Bros. continues to prepare to distribute "The Flash" despite the growing events.

Miller gave the following statement after being charged with felony burglary in Vermont in August: "Having just gone through a time of extreme crisis, I now recognize that I am suffering from complicated mental health difficulties and have initiated continuing therapy." I'd want to apologize to everyone who has been concerned or offended by my previous actions. I am dedicated to putting in the effort required to return to a healthy, safe, and productive stage in my life."

Over a six-month period, Vanity Fair spoke with many anonymous acquaintances and "insiders" about Miller, with several stating that the actor, who uses they/them pronouns, believed themselves to be "Jesus" or "the Devil."

One source told the magazine that while traveling in Iceland with Miller and his "spiritual advisor," 55-year-old North Dakota medicine man Jasper Young Bear, "Jasper was telling Ezra that he wasn't a part of the movement, he was the movement — that he was the next Messiah and that the Freemasons were sending demons out to kill him."

"Ezra is Jesus, and Tokata's an apocalyptic Native American spider goddess, and their union is supposed to bring about the apocalypse," another source said of Miller's relationship with Tokata Iron Eyes, the now-18-year-old nonbinary Indigenous activist whose parents filed a restraining order against the actor in June.

Jumping Eagle, Iron Eyes' mother, verified the claim to Vanity Fair, adding, "[Miller thinks] they are some kind of messiah, and they will lead an Indigenous revolt."

According to two people, the actor, whose previous works include "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," has an altar at his Vermont home where ladies are invited to leave "offerings" such as guns, cannabis, sage, and action figurines of The Flash.

Miller's representatives verified some of the information to Vanity Fair, such as Miller having numerous rifles and a flame thrower on his Vermont estate, but also noted that the weapons are legal and securely stowed and locked away.

Miller is still in possession of the crossbow from "We Need to Talk About Kevin," with which his character kills many classmates at his high school, according to the story. He informed the Hollywood Reporter in 2018 that he preserved the film prop.

More than one individual, including Miller's ex-fiancée, Erin, accused him of being aggressive. "It's like you're in a nonconsensual emotional BDSM relationship with Ezra," one person explained. When asked if he'd observed any altercations with Miller, another source in Hawaii answered, "Every contact with Ezra is an altercation."

"I can make excuses for him all day, but I don't want to anymore," Erin (who did not reveal her last name) told Vanity Fair. The delusions of grandeur must be exposed. I will always adore Ezra, and I don't want him to go down this terrible path."

The actor's legal representatives did not immediately reply to TheWrap's request for comment on the Vanity Fair report.

Miller is set to be arraigned in a Vermont court on September 26 on a felony burglary allegation stemming from an alleged act of breaking and entering and alcohol theft.

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