Elizabeth Holmes: Is She Arrested? The 'Dropout' subject of Hulu wants a new trial

Elizabeth Holmes: Is She Arrested? The "Dropout" subject of Hulu wants a new trial

Elizabeth Holmes, the former CEO of Theranos, seeks a new start. In a court filing Tuesday, the disgraced Silicon Valley executive requested a new trial, claiming that one of the prosecution's main witnesses now feels sorry for his involvement in her conviction.

Despite her continuous legal issues, Holmes is still a free woman - for the time being.

Holmes is presently out on bond of $500,000, but faces up to two decades in prison. She was convicted guilty of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud earlier this year.

Jurors thought Holmes purposefully deceived investors about the efficacy of her technology firm's blood-testing gadgets. Her sentence is scheduled for the following month.

Elizabeth Holmes: Is She Arrested? The 'Dropout' subject of Hulu wants a new trial
On December 17, 2021, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes exits a federal facility in San Jose, California. In a court filing on Tuesday, the beleaguered Silicon Valley celebrity requested a new trial.
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According to defense attorney Julie Rendelman, Holmes' legal team appears to be basing their move for a new trial on "newly found material." It alleges that a key witness, Adam Rosendorff, showed up at Holmes' house last month to speak with her. Instead, Billy Evans, Holmes' colleague, opened the door.

According to the defense court filing, Rosendorff informed Evans that while he did his best to respond honestly in court, the "government sought to make everyone appear terrible." Rosendorff also stated that he "felt like he did something wrong" throughout the trial and had difficulty sleeping.

Rendelman, on the other hand, is skeptical that these charges constitute significant new evidence.

"Even if we accept the words were made, they may appear to demonstrate Rosendorff's guilt as a result of his participation in Holmes' conviction. However, no other evidence that may be regarded exculpatory appears to be there "She stated. "In addition, the defense had enough chance to cross-examine Rosendorff in order to stress any sections of his testimony that they considered were confusing or deceptive to the jury."

The still-developing Holmes plot has already been adapted for the big screen.

Amanda Seyfried, an Academy Award nominee, appears in Hulu's eight-part drama The Dropout, which premiered earlier this year to mainly good reviews. During a recent episode of Variety's chat program "Actors on Actors," Seyfried discussed Holmes' forthcoming sentencing.

"I know she deserves the punishment that she's getting," she told actor Jared Leto. "And I have a feeling there's a place for her outside of this Theranos saga, outside of prison - if she goes to prison. Then she'll go outside and think of something fresh that will work. I'm not sure whether I'm the only one that feels this way."

News-bcs was unable to contact Rosendorff at press time, but he reportedly declined the Associated Press' request for comment, saying, "Don't contact me."

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