Claudia Sheinbaum is referred to as 'President' by US Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar.

Claudia Sheinbaum is referred to as 'President' by US Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar.

Claudia Sheinbaum is referred to as 'President' by US Ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar.
Claudia Sheinbaum and Ken Salazar (Photo: Twitter/@Claudiashein)

In the midst of a combined public engagement between Mexico City's head of government and the United States Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar addresses Claudia Sheinbaum as "President," astounded the management and the capital's audience.

The Colorado official said in the middle of his speech at a joint event showcasing the new US embassy's construction progress: "We still don't have a specific day when it will open (the embassy), but hopefully, With President Claudia SheinbaumThe government here and the neighbors, we are going to reach a time when it can be opened already."

Sheinbaum Pardo himself was struck by the reference, and following the American's remarks, he grinned and raised his eyebrows. The local president is now running for reelection to the President in Morena, where several prominent figures are contesting the candidacy of the party that Andrés Manuel López Obrador created.

However, during the question period following his address, Salazar was questioned why he contacted the president. Sheinbaum, Claudia Which he rationalized as a delusion, except to state unequivocally that he would not be involved in Mexican politics.

"No, no, no, I'm not interested." Mayors are sometimes referred to as presidents, correct? Municipalities. Yes, since the state of Mexico, not the state, Mexico City, has a distinct location, and its governor is from there. But isn't it also the mayor?" The ambassador, who has been in post since June 2021, elaborated. The administration of Joe Biden.

Away from the issue, the head of the capital's administration claimed that she agreed with the ambassador to plant 436 trees and develop a park as part of steps to mitigate the impact of the new building's construction. Embassy. "Good neighbors listen and interact to find solutions that benefit everyone," he tweeted.

While Ken Salazar's statements sparked debate on social media, Sheinbaum remained silent on the reported disclosures. Even the ambassador has been accused of canvassing in support of the brunette.

The incident happened when numerous residents demonstrated in support of the new headquarters at the Miguel Hidalgo Mayor's Office on Presa la Angostura Street, as the CDMX government announced the removal of over a hundred trees.

As a result, in addition to creating the park, it was stated that around 400 trees would be planted. According to the ambassador, the project is already 70% complete, and a total of 122 trees were to be felled, which has been reduced to 114.

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