Camila Cabello makes her coaching debut on 'The Voice,' winning the first four-chair rotation.

Camila Cabello makes her coaching debut on 'The Voice,' winning the first four-chair rotation.

At "The Voice," a newcomer is on the scene and bringing the heat.

For the Season 22 launch of the NBC reality singing competition on Monday night, Camila Cabello was introduced as the show's newest coach, joining returning judges Gwen Stefani, John Legend, and Blake Shelton. Last season, Cabello made a previous appearance on the program as Legend's celebrity advisor.

Cabello, whose musical career began with an appearance on "The X Factor" in 2012, is excited to develop the upcoming talent.

In a prerecorded interview, Cabello stated, "It seems extremely full circle because I started on a singing competition program." "I hope these folks get to realize their goals and improve as artists."

Shelton in particular is not thrilled about Cabello's presence, though.

When asked whether he had any advise for Cabello, Shelton said ironically to presenter Carson Daly, "I don't want to help her in any way." "Because I haven't been impressed thus far,"

Cabello appeared unfazed by Shelton's abrasive welcome, though.

Cabello said, "That's what a very threatened person would say. You're simply intimidating me, I can tell. It is not functioning.

Here is what happened during "The Voice" launch on Monday.

Camila Cabello makes her coaching debut on 'The Voice,' winning the first four-chair rotation.
For the Season 22 debut of "The Voice," which took place Monday night, Camila Cabello, center right, was introduced as the program's newest coach. Gwen Stefani, center left, John Legend, and Blake Shelton complete the coaches' lineup. Mr. Vijat Mohindre NBC

Camila Cabello wins the first four-chair rotation by snatching Morgan Myles.

Morgan Myles, a Nashville singer, was the first to enchant the coaches this season, with her scratchy voice and passionate version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," prompting all four judges to swivel around in their chairs.

Legend told Myles, "We don't get a lot of people singing that song because it's so daunting." "It was magnificent: one of the greatest blind auditions I've seen in a long time."

Shelton sought to convince Myles – and maintain the attention on himself – with a "heart-to-heart discussion" that alluded to their common struggles as failing musicians. The country artist pressed a switch on his chair, which illuminated his area onstage, leaving the other coaches in the dark.

"I was 17 years old when I got to Nashville, and I started performing demos for songwriters," Shelton explained. "Your talent is that you can make people believe what you're singing about, and all you need is someone to assist you on that trip."

Camila Cabello makes her coaching debut on 'The Voice,' winning the first four-chair rotation.
In order to convince singer Morgan Myles to join her squad, Cabello, shown center right, used a more diplomatic tack. NBC Tyler Golden

Cabello employed a more diplomatic approach in convincing Myles to join her squad.

"I want what's best for you, and if what you want is Blake's backing and assistance in becoming a country musician, that's completely fine," Cabello stated. "If you want to (find) your own lane - you're not a country artist, you're not a pop artist, you're simply Morgan - then I'd be thrilled to work with you."

Cabello won in the end, with Myles siding with Team Camila.

"Who is this individual? "Get her out of here," Shelton quipped following Cabello's victory.

"We should all be a little terrified of Camila," Legend added. "I believe she is prepared for competition."

Blake Shelton lies in order to get the singer to choose a wife. Gwen Stefani's

Emma Brooke, a classically trained vocalist, captivated Legend and Stefani with her nimble vocal talent and melancholy version of The Mamas & the Papas' "California Dreamin'."

"Your tone is so forceful, and it really cuts through," Legend said to Brooke, suggesting her to "let free a little bit."

"You've already been trained," Legend said, "but how can you unlearn part of the framework that's been built around you?"

Stefani, on the other hand, attempted to tap into Brooke's creative side.

"Being able to express something in the world and connect with others is truly what we all want to accomplish," Stefani remarked. "I'd love to attempt to figure out what your dream is and assist you shape it."

Shelton, ever the supporting husband, tried to persuade the 19-year-old singer to join his wife's squad by fabricating a tale about meeting Lauren Daigle, Brooke's favorite female artist.

"I once met Lauren Daigle in Nashville. "All she could speak about was how Gwen was her hero and how Gwen's creativity shaped who she is," Shelton explained. "She remarked that if she were an artist on 'The Voice,' she would select (Gwen) as a coach, and I don't like anyone who wouldn't."

Unfortunately for Stefani, Brooke was not duped, and she selected Legend as her coach.

"I'm impressed with Emma that she didn't fall for this degree of trickery and mischief," Legend remarked afterwards.

Blake Shelton's country singer is acquired by Camila Cabello.

Orlando Mendez, a country musician from Miami known as the "Cuban Cowboy," charmed the judges with his captivating rendition of Luke Comb's "Beer Never Broke My Heart," earning him a four-chair turn.

"I perform country music. Shelton said to Mendez, "That's all I've ever cared about becoming. "I'm the coach for you if you feel the same way about your course and want to be as obstinate about it as I am."

Cabello soon interjected to argue her point when Stefani suggested she could assist Mendez in overcoming her "nerves" about going on the program and in "connecting with the cameras."

Cabello, who is also from Miami, added, "I was really on a singing competition program, and you know what, if you want to make a surprising, cool choice, you should be on my squad."

Camila Cabello makes her coaching debut on 'The Voice,' winning the first four-chair rotation.
Orlando Mendez, a country musician located in Miami, was acquired by Cabello from Shelton Tyler Golden NBC.

"You could inevitably chose that really packed country box that Blake is trying to force you into," Legend added. You could accompany someone if they are from your hometown. You could also choose someone who is married to a country music celebrity and has had No. 1 songs in their own country, or you could take a risk and join Team Legend.

Due of their shared Latin roots, Mendez and Cabello made up their minds to support Camila.

Shelton later claimed, "Camila is trying to tamper with my country box." "She's shining up the box. It is intended to be a wooden box filled with nails and rust.

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