Watch Steve Harvey from Celebrity Family Feud be shocked by Kristin Chenoweth's hilariously filthy response.

 Watch Steve Harvey from Celebrity Family Feud be shocked by Kristin Chenoweth's hilariously filthy response.

Celebrity Family Feud was like, "Nuh uh, it's happening," just when you thought it was safe to conclude your weekend without watching Shmigadoon actress and musical prodigy Kristin Chenoweth be bleeped on TV for pronouncing a term that only sounds like the deepest, darkest portion of the human anatomy.

With Chenoweth's family competing against Kathy Najimy and her team in the most recent episode of ABC's primetime game show, it may not have seemed like it would immediately go south with its first survey question, but as Family Feud fans have seen time and time again, it only takes a single second for things to go off the rails.

The first face-off began with an immediately iconic moment, as shown in the chef's kiss video clip below, when Steve Harvey asked Kristin Chenoweth and Kathy Najimy to select a favorite portion of the man's body to kiss besides the lips. Look it up!

Just so everyone knows, Kristin Chenoweth's response was "Rhymes with horrible," which is supported by the video's description on Celebrity Family Feud's YouTube website. She was definitely talking to the anus because other, less offensive bodily parts don't have adorable nicknames that rhyme with horrible.

Everyone is free to do and love anything they like, thus there is absolutely no shame or condemnation attached to the specific behavior in issue. There is some room for criticism because Chenoweth moved SO rapidly that she didn't even give Steve Harvey time to get used to the episode. Everyone doesn't anticipate allusions to buttholes until at LEAST the second question, Kristin!

Since I don't really see why "anus" would be bleeped in the first place, I kind of want to criticize ABC for bleeping the word "heinous" there. She didn't quite say, "A man's goddamn asshole," did she? If this were Sesame Street's spoof of Celebrity Family Feud or something, that would be one thing, but this series has a history of sexualizing survey questions to the point that any question involving body parts was definitely intended to elicit some naughty comments. However, I kind of want all aspiring candidates to begin rhyming their most surprising responses going forward.

Steve Harvey didn't even rush in on Chenoweth right away, despite the fact that his distinctive CFF flair and swagger were clearly on display owing to the eye-catching purple blazer. Before making fun of the Wicked veteran for declaring herself a good Christian after hinting to an act that rhymes with "rimblob," he waited until Najimy's response had been posted on the board.

Harvey has previously discussed how the most popular Celebrity Family Feud answers come from utter ignorance, but I don't think Kristin Chenoweth's response fits those definitions quite as well. That doesn't mean I know precisely how to characterize her initial reaction, but "hilarious" seems to fit the bill.

During the Fast Money round, the actress also provided a second puzzling response as a bookend. When prompted, "Name a word that starts with ego-," Chenoweth responded with the following series of sounds:


Nobody else who participated in the survey chose "elphaba" in response to any other questions about Family Feud's past.

Every hour-long edition of Celebrity Family Feud airs on ABC on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET and has two games. Check out the recent episode of Boyz II Men's crazy ending as you wait to see how the next group of famous families fare, and see our 2022 TV debut calendar to see what else is coming to primetime in the near future.

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