The Most Recent Workplace Trend Going Viral on TikTok Is 'Quiet Quitting'

 The Most Recent Workplace Trend Going Viral on TikTok Is 'Quiet Quitting'

A new working trend is now emerging. Here is all the information we currently have about the newest trend, 'quiet quitting.'

What is 'quiet quitting?'

The hashtag #quietquitting has had over 3.7 million views as of the time of this writing, according to a search on TikTok. According to the numerous videos, softly resigning or taking a step back at work and accomplishing the bare minimum is the act of quitting quietly.

Contrary to its name, it has nothing to do with quitting a job and instead urges employees to work less hard and stick to their job description.

Saying no to extra projects, working less on tasks, leaving as soon as the clock strikes five o'clock, and spending less time obsessively going over every Slack message your boss sent you are just a few examples of how this may look.

@gabrielle_judge What are your thoughts? #quietquitting #workintech #techlayoffs ♬ Oblivion - Grimes

 Additionally, as TikTok creator Clayton Farris explains in the video below, quietly quitting his job in private has been extremely beneficial for his mental health. 

Nothing has changed, which is what I find so intriguing about it. I put forth the same amount of effort. I continue to achieve the same amount. I just don't overthink things and tear myself up inside,' he said.

@claytonfarris4ever Have you ever tried QUIETLY QUITTING? 🤫#quietquitting #mindfulness #lettinggo #hustle ♬ Little Things - Adrian Berenguer

On TikTok, 'quiet quitting' has its detractors.

There are some people who don't truly support silent resigning, despite the fact that it is intended to be a good practice where employees put their own well-being first.

According to Creator Stephanie Perry, 'Quiet quitting does not work for Black women.'

@housesitterschool #stitch with @gabrielle_judge #quietquitting does not work for Black women. Just quit. The ExodUS Summit Facebook community is full of us. #blacktiktok #blackexpat #burnout #modernwomen #housesitterlife ♬ Oblivion - Grimes

She clarified: 'From a very young age, individuals in the United States are indoctrinated to greatly depend on Black women for both work and support. And Black women and Black girls absorb this, making it impossible for them to reject it in settings where it will be relied upon. To put it another way, Black women have been taking the brunt of discrimination in the workplace for years and cannot just unlearn that. Not to mention that they can suffer consequences if they do so.'

Additionally, as the video's author Emily Smith notes in her commentary, resigning discreetly might not always be the best course of action. She makes the case that your manager might not be aware of how heavy your task is or the reasons you're so stressed out. As an alternative, she advises talking to your boss about your workload and deciding what should be emphasized.

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