The latest preview build of Windows 11 includes a privacy shutter and Arm64 support for the Camera app.

 On September 15, Microsoft will discontinue support for build 25182.

Next month, Microsoft may deliver the next major Windows 11 upgrade, version 22H2. Ahead of that, Microsoft began distributing Windows 11 preview build 25182 on Wednesday. The update includes a new Camera app with the version number 2022.2207.29.0, which adds native Arm64 functionality and a new privacy feature. The camera can now comprehend the state of the privacy shutter on compatible devices thanks to the new update. This can detect and warn the user if the camera is unavailable or if something is preventing the Webcam from functioning properly. The release also addresses known problems and improves the Microsoft Store app.

The company announced the release of Windows 11 insider peek build 25182 to the Dev Channel on Wednesday. Microsoft outlined the changes to the current version in a blog post. The most major upgrade provides native Arm64 compatibility and a new privacy option to the Camera app.

The Camera app may now comprehend the state of the privacy shutter on compatible hardware, such as the Microsoft Modern Webcam or related devices, with the release of version 2022.2207.29.0. If the shutter is blocking the view or the laptop lid is closed, the Camera app will notify the user and provide instructions. Microsoft guarantees that the most recent version of the camera app has been upgraded for Arm64 devices.

Aside from that, the Microsoft Store update also includes screenshots in search results for a better browsing experience. In addition, the most recent update allows customers to install games directly from the Microsoft Store app without having to move between applications.

Microsoft has solved a known problem that might prevent programs from starting from the Start menu in the current release. Similarly, the Camera light on certain laptops became stuck after logging into the PC, and Microsoft has resolved this issue with the updated release. The update also resolved difficulties with accessing and copying files from network locations, as well as other issues with File Explorer, including Tab management.

Microsoft has also set a deadline for Build 25182. The company will discontinue support for this version on September 15, 2018.

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