The 2023 Dodge Hornet will be available with a GLH Performance Package.

 The 2023 Dodge Hornet will be available with a GLH Performance Package.

The 'Goes Like Hell' kit, which includes a lowered suspension, an improved exhaust, and stripes, will be available through Dodge's Direct Connection parts program.

  • For the 2023 Hornet crossover, Dodge is reintroducing the GLH (Goes Like Hell) brand.
  • The moniker was first used on the Omni hot hatchback in the 1980s.
  • The GLH package features reduced suspension, an enhanced exhaust system, and cosmetic upgrades.
Dodge is emphasizing the sporty aspect of the new 2023 Hornet and has announced the availability of a GLH package that includes many performance modifications for the SUV. This moniker, which stands for "Goes Like Hell," is a nod to the 1980s Omni GLH sporty hatchback. Dodge's Direct Connection parts program will sell the dealer-installed enhancements. The Hornet GLH design shown here is supposed to show what's possible when all the bells and whistles are included.

The GLH add-ons are available for the Hornet GT, which includes a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four and a suspension system that lowers the SUV by more than an inch, an enhanced exhaust, 20-inch wheels, and various stripes and GLH insignia. Dodge hasn't revealed how much additional horsepower the exhaust arrangement would add, but anticipate it to be slightly more than the basic car's 265 hp.

We also don't know how much these enhancements will cost, but Dodge claims the GLH improvements will be "stackable," which means you'll be able to add one, some, or all of them to your Hornet. If you want everything, we'd expect there will be an all-in pricing for the GLH bundle. If you have the Direct Connection components fitted through an authorized dealership, known as a "Power Broker," they will be covered under the vehicle's warranty. Direct Connection will eventually sell performance components for the more powerful Hornet R/T plug-in-hybrid variant, but we don't have any specifics on those just yet.

More information on the GLH enhancements will be available later this year, as the Hornet GT is set to debut in showrooms in December.

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