Poco F4 5G Review: 5 Things To Know Before Purchasing This Phone

 Poco F4 5G Review: 5 Things To Know Before Purchasing This Phone

Poco continues to deliver value for money smartphones, this time with the Poco F series smartphone. Although the Poco F4 5G has been on the market for some time, we decided to put it through more extensive testing to better grasp its worth. The Poco F4 5G is up against stiff competition, and customers have alternative options.

So, if you're in the market for a smartphone and want to consider the Poco F4 5G, we recommend reading this article.


It goes without saying that the Poco F4 5G impresses with its design, build quality, and overall usability. The weight balance is also important, as it ensures that you can comfortably hold the phone in one hand and operate it without difficulty.

The glass body panel gives it a premium feel, and the camera system is crowded yet effective in the grand scheme of things. The front of the phone works properly as well, with the punch hole at the top.


The Poco F4 5G has the finest display characteristics for the pricing. It has a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with Full HD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, as well as HDR10+ and Dolby Vision compatibility. Even in intense sunlight, the peak brightness of 900 nits allows you to see everything on the screen.

Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is used to protect the display. All of these features contribute to the best viewing experience possible; the AMOLED screen performs its job, allowing you to watch movies, your favorite shows, and even browse the internet.


But it's not only the look that has us thrilled; the Poco F4 5G also manages to deliver consistent performance owing to the Snapdragon 870 chipset, which has recently been everyone's favorite. This 800-series SoC provides performance that will satisfy the majority of users while also providing equivalent returns in terms of power efficiency, as seen by the battery results.

You may even play games on the gadget without causing any strain on the hardware. The Poco F4 5G can effortlessly handle simple chores and can chip in if pushed further. This phone's performance will never be an issue.

The phone's battery is capable of providing a lengthy backup. On average, the Poco F4 5G provided us with a screen on time of more than 6 hours. You also receive a 67W fast charger in the package, which gets you up and going quickly.


When it comes to cameras, Poco presents a mixed bag. The primary sensor on the rear has been optimized to provide detailed and clean photos even in bright outside lighting.

The color tones are balanced, and there are plenty of details caught. However, low light imaging degrades since the camera sensor fails to pick up minute details as the light in the surroundings dims. The other two sensors suit the bill, but their applications are simple.


The Snapdragon 870 chipset makes the Poco F4 5G a performance rocket. The phone boasts a stylish appearance with a glass body panel and slim proportions that make it simple to operate.

The AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz is sharp, the color reproduction is superb, and there isn't anything to complain about. However, if you require a good camera, the Poco F4 5G is not the phone for you. However, the Poco F4 5G is worth purchasing because to its long battery life and support for fast charging.

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