'Is John Malone responsible for canceling your show,' a guest asks ex-CNN presenter Brian Stelter.

 'Is John Malone responsible for canceling your show,' a guest asks ex-CNN presenter Brian Stelter.

A guest on Brian Stelter's "Reliable Sources" CNN show speculated in the media whether a powerful billionaire was behind the show's cancellation of left-leaning media analysis.

On Sunday's final episode of the show, Insider's chief media correspondent Claire Atkinson discussed media tycoon John Malone, a significant shareholder in CNN's parent company Warner Bros. Discovery. She questioned whether Malone was to blame for Stelter's firing as well as the cable news network's new focus.

Without waiting for an answer, Atkinson questioned, "Is John Malone to blame for canceling your show? "I'm not sure what the solution is to that. People could assume it's political, in my opinion. He's a libertarian who thinks he should avoid paying taxes wherever possible.

After months of rumors that CNN's new bosses were favoring more moderate reporting, Stelter was fired last week.

Even though the important shareholder denied it, rumors about whether John Malone was involved in the termination of Stelter's CNN show are still circulating.

He declared that he is not personally engaged. That quotation is intriguing, the reporter continued. "However, I believe he is a businessman. He is concentrating on where the money and the audience are. Additionally, CNN and MSNBC each have a portion of the audience on the left, while Fox News has the whole audience on the right. He may be suggesting, "You know what, if we move a little bit this way, maybe we'll get that, too. They have a bigger audience and a lot more money."

Without adding more, Stelter remarked, "There will surely be more change.

Malone urged the network to resume providing unbiased coverage last week, but he claimed to have "nothing to do" with Stelter's departure in an interview with the New York Times.

Requests for response from CNN and Malone were not answered on Monday. Last Monday, representatives for CNN told The Post that Chris Licht, the company's CEO, had made the decision to terminate the show.

But over the past six months, CNN's value has been emphasized by both Malone and David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery.

Under previous CNN chief Jeff Zucker, who increased the network's opinion-based coverage most notably during former President Donald Trump's term in office, Stelter gained a reputation for supporting left-leaning ideologies and sparring with conservatives.

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