Gary Busey Facing Sex Charges Following Appearance at Film Convention

Gary Busey Facing Sex Charges Following Appearance at Film Convention 

The 78-year-old actor was a featured guest at Monster-Mania Con in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. According to authorities, he was accused with two charges of criminal sexual contact, among other things.

According to authorities, Gary Busey faces criminal sexual contact and harassment charges stemming from occurrences at a horror film fan gathering in New Jersey on Saturday.

The charges were filed on Friday after the Cherry Hill Police Department reacted to complaints of a sexual crime at the Monster-Mania Con conference, according to a statement.

Mr. Busey, 78, of Malibu, California, was set to be a featured guest at the event, which was held Aug. 12-14 at the Doubletree Hotel in Cherry Hill, a Philadelphia suburb.

Mr. Busey was charged with two charges of criminal sexual contact in the fourth degree, one count of attempted criminal sexual contact in the fourth degree, and one count of harassment. According to the police, the investigation is ongoing. More information on the charges was not immediately available.

On Saturday, the police did not immediately reply to phone calls and emails, and the Camden County Prosecutor's Office sent queries to the police. Mr. Busey's boss did not respond to inquiries, and a hotel official could not be reached right away.

Nikitas Moustakas, a lawyer for the conference, said the firm was "assisting police in their investigation into an alleged incident involving participants and a famous guest at its event" in Cherry Hill last weekend.

"The famous visitor was removed from the event and ordered not to return immediately following receiving a complaint from the attendees," he claimed. "Monster-Mania also urged participants to make a report with the police." Monster-Mania prioritizes the safety and well-being of all guests, and the firm will not accept any activity that jeopardizes those ideals."

Mr. Busey, who received an Oscar nod for his performance in "The Buddy Holly Story" in 1978, has previously suffered with substance misuse, even appearing on "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew."

He was severely injured in 1988 after losing control of his motorbike in downtown Los Angeles while riding without a helmet. He had significant brain injuries and had to undergo extensive surgery.

Mr. Busey has starred in a number of films and television shows, including "Lethal Weapon" (1987) and "Under Siege" (1992). In 2019, he appeared in "Only Human," an Off Broadway musical in which he played God.

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