Following a cancer diagnosis, John Farnham was brought to the hospital for surgery.

 Following a cancer diagnosis, John Farnham was brought to the hospital for surgery.

The 73-year-old performer is appreciative of having access to "the absolute best expert healthcare personnel," he adds. ’

Veteran Australian pop-rock performer John Farnham was brought to the hospital on Tuesday for surgery after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

John has a malignant tumor, according to a statement from his family, which also includes wife Jill.

He was checked into the hospital this morning for a procedure and continued care.

Many people receive a cancer diagnosis every day, the 73-year-old singer stated, adding that "many others have travelled this route before me."

"One thing I am certain of is that we have the greatest specialist healthcare personnel in Victoria, and we should all be grateful for that." I'm sure I am."

The family has asked for privacy.

When he was a young adult in the 1960s, Farnham sung his way into the hearts of Australians, but he had almost completely disappeared by the time his 12th studio album, Whispering Jack, catapulted him back to the top 20 years later.

You're the Voice, one of the country's most well-known anthems, was recorded on the 1986 album, which continues to be the best-selling Australian album of all time. It also elevated Farnham to the status of a national treasure.

Following Whispering Jack, Farnham released the number-one albums Age of Reason (1988) and Chain Reaction (1990).

Farnham was born in 1949 in Dagenham, England. When he was ten years old, he and his family moved to Melbourne, Australia.

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