Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin is being pushed to undergo a drug test after party recordings were released.

Sanna Marin, the Finnish Prime Minister, is being pressured to undergo a drug test after being caught on camera dancing and partying with famous friends in leaked cellphone footage.

Marin, one of the world's youngest heads of state at 36, defended her actions in the viral videos and categorically denied taking narcotics.

"I have never taken drugs or anything other than booze." "I've danced, sang, and partied legally," she claimed at a news appearance on Thursday.

Marin defended her behavior and denied using drugs during the social event during a news appearance on Thursday.

Marin, 36, said the party was held a few weeks ago at two separate locations, with about 20 people in attendance.
Videos allegedly stolen from a private Instagram account showed Finland's leader gyrating her hips and dancing with her friends.

Marin and a group of friends, including Finnish singers, TV celebrities, and politicians, are shown dancing and singing in the clips, which were allegedly obtained from a private Instagram account.

The attractive prime minister of Finland, dressed in a black tank top and white leggings, could be seen gyrating her hips, pumping her fists with passion, and making funny faces with her pals for the camera in what looks to be a private apartment.

Following the revelation, Mikko Kärnä, a member of Marin's coalition partner Centre Party, tweeted that Marin should take a voluntary drug test and make the findings public.

During a news conference on Thursday, Marin emphasized that she only drank wine in moderation and partied "in a raucous manner."

"I haven't taken any drugs, so taking a drug test isn't an issue for me, but I also believe it's pretty unusual that something like this is necessary," she told reporters, adding that she had "nothing to conceal or hide."

The 36-year-old European leader argued that all she did was legitimate. Marin also stated that she was aware she was being videotaped at the social gathering a few weeks ago, but she intended the recordings to be kept secret.

"The public have the right to demand this from their prime minister as well," he wrote.

"It hurts that these were published," she complained.

Marin also said that the chaotic footage was shot at two separate residences with a total of 20 people.

Among those in attendance were Finnish singer Alma, rapper Petri Nygard, TV personality Tinni Wikstrom, and Social Democratic MPs from Marin's party.

Marin's penchant for partying has put her in a lot of trouble before.

She was obliged to apologize in December 2021 for spending the night at a nightclub after getting into close contact with someone who tested positive with COVID.

Marin claimed she missed a text message telling her to self-isolate because she had left her work phone at home, despite the fact that as Prime Minister, she was required to have the device on her at all times.

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