Finnish Prime Minister No drugs just a lot of dancing at a wild party.

 On Wednesday, May 18, 2022, Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin attends a joint news conference with Italian Premier Mario Draghi at Chigi palace, Premier's office, in Rome. After a video of six individuals dancing in front of the camera, including Finnish Prime Leader Sanna Marin, was leaked, Finland's prime minister has ruled out using drugs during a party in a private residence with several acquaintances. "I'm disappointed they've been made public. I had a good time with my pals that evening. Yes, we partied a lot. Singing and dancing "On Thursday, August 18, 2022, she was cited as stating by Finnish television YLE.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Finland's prime minister claims she did not use drugs during a "wild" party in a private residence, and that she did nothing wrong by letting her hair down and partying with friends.

A video shared on social media shows six persons, including Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, dancing and copying a song in front of a camera. Later in the video, Marin, 36, is on her knees on what appears to be a dance floor, her arms behind her head, dancing to a tune.

“I’m disappointed that it has become public. I spent the evening with friends. Partied, pretty wild, yes. Danced and sang,” she was quoted Thursday as saying by Finnish broadcaster YLE.
“I have not used drugs myself, or anything other than alcohol. I’ve danced, sung and partied and done perfectly legal things. I have also not been in a situation where I would know that others are doing it that way,” Marin said, according to the Hufvudstadsbladet newspaper.

It was unclear when the party, which was apparently attended by Ilmari Nurminen, a member of Marin's Social Democratic Party's Eduskunta, and the Finnish artist Alma, was held.

Marin, who became Finland's youngest prime minister ever in December 2019, said she spends her leisure time with friends and plans to be the same person she was before. 

“I hope that’s accepted. We live in a democracy and in elections everyone can decide these issues,” she said, according to YLE.

Critics have pointed out that Finland, which shares a 1,340-kilometer (832-mile) land border with Russia, is facing high power prices as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, among other concerns. The nation has abandoned its long-held neutral posture and requested membership in NATO.

Marin attended a major Finnish rock event in July. She issued a public apology in December after staying out partying until 4 a.m. without her work phone, resulting in her being unaware that she had been in close touch with a COVID-19 positive individual. She failed the drug test. 

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