Brian Stelter is leaving CNN as the network | NEWSBCS

 Brian Stelter is leaving CNN as the network cancels the journalistic show 'Reliable Sources.' | NEWSBCS

CNN host Brian Stelter, pictured in this 2018 photo, has informed NPR that he is leaving the network after it canceled his media analysis show "Reliable Sources." He has been the show's host for nine years.

CNN's Sunday media affairs show Reliable Sources is being canceled, and anchor Brian Stelter is leaving the network, according to Stelter.

Stelter expressed gratitude for the broadcast and his team's exploration of "the media, truth, and the stories that define our world" in a statement to NPR.

"It was a unique opportunity to anchor a weekly show focused on the press at a moment when it has never been more vital," Stelter said, vowing to say more on the show's last edition, which airs on Sunday.

Stelter began writing about cable news as a student before becoming a media writer for The New York Times. Reliable Sources is CNN's longest-running show; Stelter has hosted it for the past nine years, and the show celebrated its 30th anniversary in March.

Yesterday, CNN President Chris Licht notified Stelter of the decision. Since taking over as part of Warner Bros. Discovery's buyout of the former Time Warner corporation, Licht has been making changes across the board.

CNN+, the network's separate digital channel for which it had engaged former NPR anchor Audie Cornish and former Fox News personality Chris Wallace before it started, was canceled. (Both stars have remained with CNN.)

Stelter, who frequently boasted about the show's numbers on Twitter, was one of the CNN anchors who faced regular criticism from conservatives for his portrayal of the media throughout the Trump administration.

Among those publicly criticizing CNN for being political was businessman John Malone, a significant financial stakeholder in the new WarnerDiscovery company. Stelter quoted Malone more than a dozen times in coverage of the Discovery sale for CNN and its sibling companies during an episode in February, suggesting some concern about the investor's influence.

"Stelter joined CNN as the nation's top media correspondent from The New York Times. He leaves CNN as a consummate broadcaster "Amy Entelis, CNN's senior vice president of talent and program development, made the statement. "We are extremely proud of what Brian and his crew have done over the years, and we are convinced that their effect and influence will outlast the show."

During former President Donald Trump's term, Stelter frequently covered the rhetorical conflicts over politics, its reporting, and even facts, amplifying the intensity of his regular commentary. It garnered him repeated condemnation from Trump supporters and taunts from Fox News personalities Greg Gutfeld and Tucker Carlson.

Stelter also reported CNN's flaws, but was regarded as a devoted team player by former CNN CEO Jeff Zucker. Stelter later admitted that he was reluctant to understand the gravity of the ethical issues raised by former CNN star Chris Cuomo in coaching his brother, then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, on how to handle sexual harassment allegations.

A corporate spokeswoman confirmed the show's cancellation and expressed the network's best wishes to Stelter in his future undertakings. The show was founded by veteran Washington correspondent Bernard Kalb and is currently hosted by longtime media reporter Howard Kurtz. Kurtz currently anchors a show on Fox News with a similar structure called MediaBuzz, which will become, for the time being, the sole major national television show discussing the news industry and journalism. Kurtz has seldom held his own network accountable during his stint at Fox.

CNN has announced that it will continue to publish the popular Reliable Sources newsletter.

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