Arkansas: Three cops have been suspended after a video of a beating surfaced.

 Arkansas: Three cops have been suspended after a video of a beating surfaced.

Three Arkansas police officers have been suspended following the release of a video showing a man being forced to the ground and severely assaulted.

One of the policemen hits the victim in the head many times and even bashes his head on the pavement.

Another cop knees the victim in the back many times. Both are clothed in Crawford County Sheriff's Office uniforms.

While this is happening, a police officer restrains the man on the ground.

To defend himself while being thrashed, the man covers his head with his hands and looks to be attempting to roll up into a ball.

The video has aroused controversy and been watched millions of times on social media.

One Twitter user mentioned George Floyd, a black man who was killed in police custody in 2020, sparking international riots.

A woman who is not visible in the video is heard saying: "Don't ever beat him! He requires his medication!"

One officer yells an expletive, while another tells her to get in her car.

The individual who uploaded the video stated her sister observed the confrontation in Mulberry.

Randall Worcester, 27, was identified as the individual apprehended by state police.

On Sunday morning, Mr Worcester was accused of uttering threats in a business.

When cops approached him, he allegedly shoved a deputy to the ground and hit the back of his head, resulting in the arrest seen in the video.

According to police, the suspect was transported to the hospital and faces terroristic threats, resisting arrest, and other assault charges.

Crawford County Sheriff Jimmy Damante said on Sunday evening that two county officers would be suspended while Arkansas state police and his agency conduct separate investigations into what transpired.

"I hold all of my workers accountable for their behavior and will take necessary action," Mr Damante stated.

Mulberry Police Chief Shannon Gregory stated in a statement published Sunday evening that the officer engaged in the incident is on leave until the results of the investigation.

"The Mulberry police department and the city of Mulberry take these investigations extremely seriously," Ms Gregory said.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson tweeted on Sunday night that the "event in Crawford County would be examined in accordance with the video evidence and the prosecuting attorney's request."

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