Aqib Talib's brother is sought in the shooting death of a football coach.

 Aqib Talib's brother is sought in the shooting death of a football coach.

The brother of former NFL star Aqib Talib, Yaqub Salik Talib, is sought in relation to a shooting that claimed the life of a youth football coach during a game in Lancaster, Texas.

According to officials, Aqib Talib's brother is sought in connection with a shooting that occurred in Texas after an altercation at a minor football game and claimed the life of a coach.

As a suspect in the Saturday evening shooting at Lancaster Community Park in southeast Dallas County, Yaqub Salik Talib was named by police.

According to a news release from Lancaster Police, gunfire broke out amid a physical altercation between the rival coaches and the officials.

A single guy was shot and sent to a nearby hospital, but he passed away. Local news sources identified him as youth football coach Mike Hickmon.

After learning of the horrifying event that occurred earlier this evening in Lancaster, Texas Football Life tweeted on Saturday, "We express our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, former teammates, and players of Coach Mike Hickmon."

Social media videos of the event show a guy disagreeing with the referee before a brawl breaks out a few yards away and bullets are fired, according to the Dallas Morning News.

According to the newspaper, Yaqub Talib, whose brother is a former NFL cornerback, was the alleged shooter, according to Lancaster city spokesperson Scott Finley.

"Aqib was present when this sad tragedy occurred and is deeply distressed and grieved over this horrible loss of life," a counsel for Aqib Talib told TMZ. 

According to his lawyer, Aquib Talib was at the game when it was shot.

He wishes to offer his sympathies to the victim's family as well as to everyone who saw this tragic event.

During his excellent professional career, which began in 2008, Aqib Talib played for four different teams, winning a Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos in 2015. In 2020, he put his helmet and cleats away.

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