Apple users may soon see advertisements in apps such as maps, books, and others.

 Apple users may soon see advertisements in apps such as maps, books, and others.

Apple has always been a harsh critic of technology businesses who force advertisements on its consumers, but it turns out that the iPhone manufacturer has its own plans with a similar objective. According to a recent Bloomberg story, Apple is trying to grow its advertising business and push advertisements to customers across more of its software products.

Some of you may be aware that Apple presently displays advertisements in the App Store, Stocks, and News applications, but fresh developments indicate that Apple may soon include advertisements in additional apps such as Maps, Books, and even Podcasts. The Apple form of advertisements essentially promotes another program under a distinctive banner, allowing users to distinguish between a standard listing and an ad.

Apple is likely to give consumers the option to block personalized adverts, but even so, the business will have access to data such as device kind, material the user consumes, and even the operator on which their iPhone is active, according to the article. Even for a firm worth a trillion dollars, it appears that the allure of advertising money is difficult to resist.

And it's remarkable that Apple is prepared to push advertisements when it explicitly prohibits competing platforms from doing so on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. After Apple revised its App Store standards, Facebook was one of the biggest losers, losing millions of dollars in revenue.

We're not sure how Apple consumers will react to these changes, especially because the firm has successfully enticed many to switch from Android to iPhones solely due of its anti-tracking attitude. Apple has been developing a library of its own applications, giving the firm greater control over the content and even the constraints imposed on its partners and developers.

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