Adele responds to engagement rumors, saying, 'I've never been in love like this.'

 Adele responds to engagement rumors, saying, 'I've never been in love like this.'

The superstar singer also discussed the possibility of extending her family one day, stating that she would want to have more children.

Adele opens up about her personal and family life in a new cover story for Elle magazine's September edition. In it, she claimed she's madly in love with her fiance and would like to have more children if her Las Vegas residency succeeds later this year.

The 15-time Grammy winner stated that she "definitely" wants to marry again, but denied claims that she is engaged or married to her one-year lover, sports agent Rich Paul.

"I've never been so in love." "I'm fascinated with him," she said to Elle.

"I'm not married," she added. "I'm in loooove!" I'm as content as I'll ever be. "I could as well be married."

According to Elle Adele, 34, and Paul, 40, had been friends for years before becoming romantically involved in 2021. According to reports, the couple is remodeling their home in preparation for a blended family. 

"It was by far the worst time of my career," she remarked. "By far. I was ecstatic about the shows. It was a disaster."

Adele announced the cancellation and rescheduling of the events in a tearful video on Jan. 20, the day before the programs were scheduled to air. She stated that she hesitated whether or not to proceed with something that did not feel true to her.

Adele told Elle, "There was just no spirit about it." "The stage arrangement was incorrect. It seemed far from me and my band, and it lacked closeness. And maybe I worked too hard in such a controlled atmosphere to give it those things."

Adele revealed last month that "Weekends With Adele" will begin in November and run through March, with concerts every Friday and Saturday evening.

"It was extremely, really hard for the first couple of months," Adele recalled of the cancellation. "I was humiliated. But it really increased my confidence in myself since it was such a daring thing to undertake."

"And I doubt many people would have done what I did," she added. "I'm quite proud of myself for putting my artistic demands first."

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