53-year-old Anne Heche died after a week in the hospital due to a terrible vehicle accident

 53-year-old Anne Heche died after a week in the hospital due to a terrible vehicle accident

After landing her breakthrough role in the serial opera "Another World," Anne Heche had a consistent career in cinema and television that lasted three decades. She has now passed away. 53 years old.

Nine days after being hospitalized in critical condition following a horrific collision in Los Angeles, Heche passed away. According to a statement given to USA TODAY, Heche's accident-related "severe anoxic brain injury" caused him to go into a coma.

Heche was ruled brain dead but remained on life support while being assessed as an organ donor, it was revealed on Friday. Her agent Holly Baird informed USA TODAY on Sunday night that she had been "peacefully taken off life support."

Heche's 20-year-old son Homer Laffoon, who is married to real estate agent Coleman Laffoon, paid tribute to his mother in a statement sent to USA TODAY on Friday.

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"I am left with a deep, wordless sadness after six days of nearly extraordinary emotional swings," he remarked. I hope my mum is no longer in pain and starting to experience what I like to think of as her eternal freedom.

Added him: "Thousands of loved ones, friends, and admirers reached out to me. I'm appreciative of their support as well as that of my stepmother Alexi and father Coley, who continue to be my pillars of strength at this trying time. I love you, Mom, rest in peace, Homer."

Heche's family and friends hailed the actress as "a bright light, a kind and most joyous person, a loving mother, and a faithful friend," according to a statement given to USA TODAY on their behalf.

The statement said: "Anne will be much missed, but she lives on via her handsome sons, her iconic body of work, and her ardent activism." "She will continue to have a lasting impact because of her courage in always speaking the truth and sharing her message of love and acceptance."

The actress crashed her automobile into a Mar Vista house, causing it to catch fire. Tony Im, a public information officer for the Los Angeles Police Department, acknowledged to USA TODAY that a collision happened at around 10:55 a.m. on August 5 and that the car "got engulfed in flames," without naming the driver at the time. The accident was later reported to The Associated Press by a Heche spokesperson.

According to a news release from the Los Angeles Fire Department, the car struck a two-story house, compromising its structural integrity and igniting a large fire. According to the press release, the driver was brought to a hospital "in critical condition."

An ambulance was being loaded with a woman who was struggling to sit up while being placed on a stretcher in the blue Mini Cooper Clubman that was being dragged out of the burning house in TV news footage. The fire was put out and Heche was rescued after 59 firefighters had rushed to the emergency. There were no additional injuries reported.

Nancy Davis, the creator of Race to Erase MS, wrote about Heche's passing on Instagram with the caption "Heaven has a new Angel." "My lovely, loving, fun-loving, and compassionate buddy @anneheche was taken to heaven. I will miss her dearly and treasure the wonderful memories we have created together."

After the disaster, Anne Heche was 'not expected to survive.' She had burns and needed a machine to breathe.

Heche's representative informed USA TODAY in a statement that the actor was "not expected to live" over a week after the incident.

The statement said, "It has always been Heche's decision to donate her organs, and she is being maintained on life support to see if any are viable. Heche is being treated at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills hospital in Los Angeles.

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